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I’ve discovered the important thing to creating everybody mad in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an interesting recreation as a result of so many components are exterior your management. If I see one other ship on the horizon, there’s a surprisingly complicated movement chart of things that lead to a choice to face and struggle, try to ally, or minimize and run. With each encounter, I participate on this delicate social dance. That may be irritating — if you wish to struggle or hunt gamers, they usually need to placidly sail and go on adventures, there’s a conflict of expectations.

I have discovered the answer to this: a phrase that prompts the primal urge in each Sea of Thieves participant’s head to struggle, kill, and die.

Guidelines of engagement

What am I alleged to do, simply chase folks down? Am I alleged to yell cusses in an try to impress them? Ought to I settle for that they don’t need to struggle me, like some type of coward? Look, I’m a pirate of honor. I’m not going to harass folks or say something impolite. I’m additionally not going to run down some poor sloop. In the event that they need to go about their enterprise, I respect that.

However on the identical time, generally I simply need to struggle! Possibly I need the candy pink lantern flame that solely comes from dying by the hands of one other participant. Or maybe The Enviornment is simply too chaotic, too “on” for me. Or I would possibly see the glimmer of treasure on their ship, and I need to purchase it. It grew to become clear that I wanted a siren’s tune, a approach that I may yell via my talking horn and make sure that my prey would come to me.

I discovered the reply to my pressing want by chance. All of it comes from a single phrase.


Know Your Meme defines “hewwo” as a “variation of ‘hello’ with a cutesy or babyish connotation.” The phrase grew into slang on Tumblr in 2017 via its use in shitposts. Arguably essentially the most culturally distinguished use of hewwo is in a textual content RP between two buddies wherein one particular person can’t cease hewwoing and pleading for his or her life, whereas the opposite good friend, who assumes the guise of U.S. President Barack Obama, leaves them to their destiny.

I’ve discovered the important thing to creating everybody mad in Sea of Thieves 1

Sea of Thieves launched a talking horn in The Hungering Deep that enables gamers to undertaking their voice throughout the ocean and talk with different ships. At first I used the horn for its supposed function, providing alliances or laying down the phrases of a cut price. This totally pales to lifting the talking horn to my lips, urgent my mouth near my microphone, and shouting “H-HEWWO? MISTEW GAWWEON?”

What’s vital to notice is that I don’t say hewwo in a delicate or candy approach. I am not making an attempt to sing a lullaby that lightly lulls my enemy to sleep. As a substitute, I demand their consideration by placing equal emphasis on each the HEW (to get their consideration) after which a fair louder WO (so that they know I’m not fucking round).

It’s tremendous efficient

No person likes this! In 100 p.c of the circumstances I hewwo at one other ship, two issues instantly occur.

1) The opposite ship lowers their sails and barrels in direction of my ship in a transparent present of hostility

2) My crew begins howling in agony for me to cease hewwoing at folks, which is futile, as a result of I won’t ever cease my bullshit and I will solely develop extra highly effective.

Right here’s the factor — there are lots of ways in which I may choose fights with folks. I’ve encountered gamers who had been glad to insult my avatar, hurl slurs, roleplay extensively as a pirate over voice chat, attempt to sneak aboard my ship to drop my anchor, and take a look at each trick within the ebook to get me to cease and struggle them. None of those ways are as efficient as a HEWWO?! HEWWO!!

The whole thing of the Sea of Thieves fanbase goes completely fucking wild after they hear a hewwo. I usually roll with a galleon, with a full crew of buddies. We adorn our ship with Pirate Legend cosmetics, signifying that we now have spent a very long time within the recreation. Typically, this acts a strong deterrent. Upon hewwoing, that dissipates. I’ve been attacked by understaffed galleons, solo sloops, brigantines loaded with precious loot, and even rowboats.

When I play solo, I roll my pink and white ship, with a daring scorpion sail. It makes me assume again to the Russian parable of the frog and the scorpion, the place the scorpion acquires passage throughout the river from a pleasant frog. Half approach via their journey, the scorpion sinks his stinger into the frog. “I cannot help it,” the scorpion says as they each drown. “It is my nature.”

When I hear that parable, I assume “big mood”.

I’ve discovered the important thing to creating everybody mad in Sea of Thieves 2

Uncommon / Microsoft Studios

Not even my crew tolerates a sonorous “hewwo” over voice comms! On a number of events, they’ve voted me into the brig, knocked holes within the backside of the ship, and left me to drown in a cage. On different events, they drink grog exterior my cage, then vomit over me whereas shouting “This is what you get! This is the price of a hewwo! Stop it! Stop hewwoing!”

So robust is their hatred that when I reached out to a crew member to ask him if he’d be prepared to touch upon this text, he flatly declined. As a substitute, he wrote again in a quick, frequent set of sentence fragments.

“oh my god

do NOT

do you perceive

this might create a development

don’t you dare”

Some folks recommend that Sea of Thieves is a recreation missing content material. As a substitute, I’d argue that the sport is filled with experiences, however they’re ones that you must craft your self. Generally that content material is centered round ghost ships, megalodons, and pirate adventures. Different instances, that content material is my crew instantly yelling at me as quickly as I name that I see a ship on the horizon as a result of they don’t want me to hewwo when we now have an Athena’s Chest aboard.

However there’s a secret that I want them to know: I will by no means cease. And should you ever see a sloop on the Sea of Thieves with a white sail and pink scorpion, please come to my ship. I promise will probably be superb, and I won’t take your treasure. You possibly can belief me.

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